In June of last year my wife and I purchased a home in South Surrey. I had been reading about Feng Shui and decided to get a consultation for our new home. We searched online and found a Feng Shui master who referred us to Naomi Salsi who was a student of hers. I gave my contact information to the master and Naomi promptly contacted me.

Naomi is very easy to deal with and extremely courteous. Naomi informed us on the information she would require to do an in home consultation. We then got together all the information required and mailed to her. In a few short weeks Naomi was ready to do a in home consultation.

Naomi arrived on the specified date and was punctual. She took her time and we went through each room in the house. Naomi answered all of our questions and wanted to know what we wanted most out of the Feng Shui, which was family harmony.

After a couple of weeks Naomi contacted me to do a remedy consultation in our home. We set up a date and time. She was again punctual and very courteous. There were many things on the list of remedies to do for our home. We for the most part did just about all of them. After we did the remedies I noticed a great change in the family harmony. No bickering or arguing. The home became peaceful. Everything went well that year.

It is the Chinese New Year now and I contacted Naomi for a New Year’s consultation. She again was prompt, punctual, and very courteous. We will continue to use Naomi’s services for the following years to come. Naomi is awesome.

Yours Truly.

Sean & Shannon Tobin
Surrey BC


I want to thank Naomi Salsi for helping me align my new home according to the Feng Shui principles. It has been a very positive experience working with her.

I am impressed with her high standards for accuracy. When we initially started working on the project, my landlord had stated that there weren’t any major renovations in the house since it was built; Naomi did the assessment based on that information. However, she wasn’t satisfied with the results. Naomi persisted until we uncovered further information about renovations that had taken place in the house before the current owner purchased it. We were lucky to receive this important information from one of my neighbours. Naomi reassessed and then followed up with a professional written report.

Naomi went above and beyond our initial agreement to give me the best information she could. I have implemented all her recommendations and am now experiencing positive effects on my health and well-being, my personal and professional life. I have already recommended Naomi and will recommend her high quality Feng Shui assessments to people in my circle seeking to create a positive and supportive home and office.

Julia James, Life Coachingwww.juliajames.ca
Vancouver BC


I could not get a second job for 6 months. After the changes Naomi suggested, I got a job in one week! I am still working on all her recommendations.

I am very pleased with the results. THANK YOU, Naomi!!!


Monice Kugel
Vancouver BC

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